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Mike Albert can help your build your fleet.

Creating your fleet is no easy feat. That’s where Mike Albert comes in. We can help you select the ideal OEM partner, find the right leasing and finance options, and unload the vehicles dragging you down. From how you build it, to how you pay for it, how you use it to how you sell it — Mike Albert is with you every step of the way.

Fleet financing flexibility

When making a big decision, like what fleet management solution company to partner with, flexibility in leasing options is key. As an independent lessor, Mike Albert offers a variety of leasing options so you can have the financial flexibility you need. No more paying huge sums upfront, unless that’s what you want. We will work with you to find the best leasing solution for your business.

Create a financial blueprint

Mike Albert’s closed-end leasing solution is the ultimate weapon in the fight against cash flow concerns, unpredictable budgets, and fluctuating resale markets. While our open-end leasing option suits clients who keep their vehicles longer, prefer a greater level of flexibility, or upfit their vehicles to meet the specific needs of their business. We will work with you on the financing so you can receive not only the fleet that works with your business, but with your budget too.

To sell or not to sell?

Data is a hot commodity today. Why not use all the data you collect to make better informed decisions about when to replace your old vehicles? At Mike Albert, we help you make sense of that data so you can predict when to sell your old vehicles and buy new ones before the maintenance costs spike.