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Fleets are a top 5 business expense for companies like yours. With Fleet Science®, you gain control of every aspect of your fleet and reduce total cost of ownership for a healthier budget, without sacrificing productivity.

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Vehicle acquisition costs are just the tip of the iceberg.

Total cost of ownership (TCO) is the best way to understand the true cost of your organization’s fleet—but it goes far beyond the initial cost of purchasing the vehicle.

65% of TCO is typically attributed to hidden, variable, and soft costs.

With Mike Albert, you get results.

Saved $1.5M in one year through an updated finance strategy

Saved $561 on each of 127 units

Saved $120K in monthly maintenance expenses

Improve your fleet with 5 keys insights

Do you know your biggest opportunities for fleet improvement? Get key insights around cost, efficiency, and vehicle lifecycles with a complimentary fleet analysis from our team of fleet experts.

Get a 360º view of your fleet operations.

Gain transparency into additional costs and other fleet data that is fundamental to understanding the health of your operations, optimizing fleet performance, and maximizing the overall profitability of your business with proprietary technology like Albert IQ®.

We use Fleet Science® to collect, organize, and analyze the specific data required to see a 360° view of your fleet operations and pinpoint the most impactful, needle-moving insights.

Lowering maintenance costs requires data AND the guidance to act on it.

Collecting and centralizing the data you need to reduce fleet costs is just the first step.

Your dedicated account manager analyzes your Fleet DNA® and works with you to devise the best strategy to meet your specific company goals with quarterly meetings and reports.

We help companies like yours

The kind of attention to detail Mike Albert gives us has been crucial. They’re truly dedicated to helping us become smarter and more profitable. They’ve enabled us to rein in our fleet costs and make better, well-informed decisions about things like when to sell and replace vehicles, so we’re not throwing good money after bad. They continue to bring us good ideas that help us shape a strategy moving forward that ensures our fleet stays on course with our business growth

- Dean, Manager of Services and Operations, Bancsource

Mike Albert helped OmniScapes regain control of our fleet. They worked with multiple vendors to coordinate vehicle location, equipment, and the vinyl wrap, streamlining my engagement. The trucks showed up at Omniscapes ready to start making money. Thanks to their convenient all-in-one financing for the truck, equipment, and wrap, I was able to preserve cash I had in the bank and leave lines of credit alone for other growth needs within the business (buildings, equipment, etc.)

- Jason Craycraft, Chief Financial Officer, Omniscapes, LLC

Mike Albert was extremely flexible when helping us not only organize the finances of [switching to EVs], but also to locate all the vehicles that we needed.

- Tim Miller, President, Velux

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Boost driver safety and cost savings while unlocking the full potential of your fleet. From special financing to maintenance, fuel, and much more, choose solutions that are right for you, and leave the ones that aren't

Get started with a complimentary fleet analysis.

Get key insights into your biggest opportunities around cost, efficiency, and vehicle lifecycles.