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Mike Albert can help your fleet's bottom line.

When fleet is involved, managing cash flow can be difficult. Flexibility in financing and detailed record keeping can give you peace of mind. Mike Albert can provide you with the data you need to make financially stable decisions. Plus our leasing programs make it easier for you to finance your fleet. We live and breathe fleet and can help you stay in budget while maximizing your return.

Flexible Lease

At Mike Albert we make it easier to decide how to invest your capital. Our unique leasing programs give you options. Choose what’s right for your business, whether that be open-ended or close-ended, single payment, or even capital leasing. We will work with you to plan a financing program that fits in your budget.

Unload a bad deal

Stuck with your vehicles? We can purchase them from you. Mike Albert can help you free up cash that's locked into your assets so you can invest back into your business.

Pay for what you use

We offer a mileage credit program that only charges you for the miles you used and gives you credit back for the miles you didn’t. We know you have places to be, let us make it more affordable to get there.