Do more with less

Running a company requires your focused attention across every aspect of your business. That’s the type of focus Mike Albert can apply to your fleet. Make us an extension of your team and relieve your staff from worrying about when to buy, sell, or lease. Trust our expertise. We will have your back. Our management services can help you record and collect data to make those big money-making decisions for your company and will improve your efficiency across the board.

Do more with less expense

Preserve capital as your business grows. When maintaining growth relies on adding and replacing vehicles to generate revenue, it's easy to tie up capital in those assets. But what happens when you need that capital to invest into other parts of your business to remain competitive? Technology, for example. Learn more about financing strategies.

Outsourcing vs Hiring

Managing a fleet is complex, time consuming work — yet hiring a dedicated internal fleet manager can be costly. Maintain the momentum of your fleet by outsourcing its oversight to Mike Albert. We can fill in the gaps of your current fleet management strategy or take over completely.

“When you outsource something you want it to be your 3rd arm, and they are really acting as our 3rd arm when it comes to our fleet management.”

– COO in the HVAC Industry

Future planning

Forward thinking is a part of business. Having a partner in fleet who is fully dedicated to long term strategy will have you set up for success. Mike Albert is plugged into the transportation industry and we are preparing our partners for the changes coming. Whether it’s green energy, autonomous vehicles or policy changes, we’re on the front lines.

Improve driver safety and retain your best talent

Proper vehicle lifecycle allows you to provide new vehicles that have standard mandatory improved safety features. In addition to approving morale, your drivers will feel valued. In addition, by spec'ing your vehicles and upfit to accommodate your drivers, you can reduce the chance of workmans comp and improve productivity.

Improve brand awareness

First impressions matter. When your driver arrives at a customer for the first time, the appearance of your vehicle will set the tone for that customer's experience. Did you know that the best advertising is done on vehicles? From the neighbor to the person driving behind, spread you brand awareness by using your vehicles as a rolling billboard.