Commercial Vans

With variations in roof height and payload capabilities, the van market has expanded and improved over the last few years. More options and new designs mean endless opportunity to create innovative body and up fit.

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Small and versatile, this type of truck is a fuel-efficient alternative for drivers who don't need a ton of cargo space.

Compact Vans

Attach any body style onto a van frame to preserve cab-to-cargo area access.

Cut-Away Van

High roof vans are becoming the go-to solution for contractors and passenger transportation. The ability to stand up and navigate the cargo area improves efficiency and safety of drivers.

High Roof Vans

The standard cargo van has been a reliable source for delivering performance and delivery requirements for years. Typically used in the contractor space.

Standard Cargo Van



Work Trucks

Attach a wide variety of body styles on to a truck cab and chassis. Allows for hauling heavier loads and when the cargo area needs to be separate from cab.

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Customize a truck cab and chassis with any body style. Our truck team can help you choose.

Cab & Chassis

Also known as cab-over-engine, the design allows for a tighter turning radius for urban deliveries. The cab tilts forward to access engine.


Outside access to cargo, top, side and rear loading.


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