Solutions built with the future of your business in mind

Plan your work truck with the future of your business in mind

You're in charge of your fleet and drivers. You’re looked to as the 'subject matter expert'. We want to help expand your knowledge and make the best choice for your fleet’s drivers and vehicles.

A truck team with years of experience

Our team of Truck Engineers, with 125 + combined years in the industry, are key in making sure that your vehicles will meet delivery and service requirements. Request a consultation to get started with your upfit.

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How we work with you

How we work with you

Our 4-step approach allows us to learn about your business and fleet needs and provide you with the best upfit solutions.

Step 1

Listen and Learn

listen & learn

We dig in to clearly understand how your vehicles work for you today. Including ride alongs with your drivers to gain deeper insight.

Step 2

Educate and Advise

educate & advise

We assess what you’re doing today to identify potential efficiencies and improvements with your vehicles. Shared insights empower you to make the best choices for your fleet.

Step 3

Design and Plan

design & plan

We work with you to choose the right vehicle and upfit, then design to your specifications.

Step 4

Vehicle Acquisition

vehicle acquisition

We help you develop the best strategy to acquire the vehicles that are needed and match you with the best partner to fulfill your order.

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Mike albert engineers truck solutions for over 75 industries.
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